Construction industry

The ACCC is currently prioritising anti-competitive conduct in commercial construction markets and has established a Commercial Construction Unit (CCU) focussed on the construction sector.

Commercial Construction Unit (CCU)

The CCU is a specialist team that has been set up to investigate allegations of anti-competitive conduct in the commercial construction sector. The focus is on the behaviour of participants in the construction industry that may raise competition concerns under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA).

Effective competition in the construction sector will deliver fairness to all businesses. It is important that all businesses can vigorously compete for work on their merits, are not subject to unfair contract terms, or the unconscionable or coercive conduct of others.

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Anonymously report a construction sector issue

Our anonymous reporting tool allows you to provide a tip-off, make a complaint or engage in a two-way online conversation directly with a CCU investigator.

The form will require you to provide some information about who the report relates to and a brief description of the conduct. Not all fields are required, but the more information you give us, the more likely it is that we will be able to act on your complaint.

You will be prompted to create an anonymous login (password only) so that you can communicate with CCU staff about your report anonymously and in confidence, and we can ask you further questions if required.

  Anonymously report a construction sector issue

Priority areas

Several areas of the ACCC’s work have direct impact on construction businesses.

Apply for immunity for cartel conduct

The ACCC immunity and cooperation policy for cartel conduct sets out our policy in relation to applications for immunity from proceedings by those involved in cartel conduct, and how cooperation provided to the ACCC by cartel participants will be recognised.

If you believe you may be involved in a cartel, be the first to apply for immunity from prosecution in exchange for helping us with our investigations, by contacting:

Memorandum of understanding

Memorandum of Understanding between the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Australian Building and Construction Commission ( PDF 4.45 MB )


Contact the CCU at or through our Infocentre.

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