Complaint letter tool

Use this tool to create an email you can send to the business you bought the product or received the service from. If you prefer, you can print the letter and send via the post.

Remember to attach or include any relevant documentation, such as a receipt or photo of the faulty product, when you send the letter.

On , I purchased from .

I understand that under the Australian Consumer Law, when I buy products and services they come with automatic guarantees that they will work and do what I asked for.

If I do not hear from you within I will lodge a formal complaint with and/or report my issue to the ACCC.

You can contact me about this complaint via email at or call me on during business hours.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


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Remember to provide the business with the evidence you listed in the letter. If you don’t have an email address for the business, you should be able to find one on their website.

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