Questions to ask before moving to the NBN

Before moving to the NBN, you will need to decide on a telecommunications service provider and plan. Compare different NBN service plans to see which plan best suits your needs.

Termination and connection fees

You may face additional fees from your telecommunications service provider when moving to the NBN. Whether you are charged fees will depend on your individual circumstances and the fee policy of your telecommunications service provider. These fees could be between $50 and $350.

Ask service providers about any disconnection and connection fees that they charge and the circumstances in which charges may be waived.

For example, you may not be charged a termination fee if your contract has already expired or if you order NBN services from the same internet service provider who currently provides your internet service. Some telecommunications service providers do not charge activation or set-up fees for a service on the NBN if you enter into a contract for a certain amount of time with them.

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Questions to ask about fees

  1. Will you charge me an early termination fee when I move to a service on the NBN?
  2. If there is an early termination fee:
    1. How much is it?
    2. How can I avoid paying it?
  3. Will you charge me an activation or set-up fee for the new NBN service?
  4. If there is an activation or set-up fee:
    1. How much is it?
    2. How can I avoid paying it?


In order to get an NBN service you will need a modem and a router which works on the NBN. Often, a modem and router will be combined into the same device. The modem will allow you to access the Internet and a router will allow you to connect a number of different devices to the Internet. If your router is a separate device, it must be connected to the modem.

A modem/router can connect to your NBN services via a wireless (Wi-Fi) or fixed (Ethernet) connection. It is essentially a small box which will plug into either a phone line connection in your house or NBN Co equipment depending on whether you get fibre to your house or to a node in the street. It is important that you check with your telecommunications service provider whether your existing modem/router is compatible with the NBN. If you are advised that it isn’t, confirm this information with the manufacturer.

Questions to ask about NBN compatible modems/routers

  1. Will my current router work on the NBN?
  2. Do I need to get another router when I get NBN services?
  3. If I do need to get another router:
    1. How much is it?
    2. How can I avoid paying it?
  4. How can I install my own router?
  5. How much does it cost for a technician to install an NBN compatible router in my home?

Voice and optional battery back-up

NBN Co provides an optional back-up battery free of charge to consumers getting fibre to their house. The battery will let you make calls when there is a power outage. Before deciding to get (or not) a battery, you should check with your telecommunications service provider whether their NBN voice service will be supported by the battery. You should also be aware that internet services (including VoIP services) are not supported by the battery. This means that there will be no internet services when there is a power outage.

Question to ask about battery back-up

  1. Will the battery provided by NBN Co power my voice service when there is a power outage?

Specialised services

Not all alarms and other specialised services will automatically work on the NBN. These may include security alarms, medical alarms, lift phones, fire indicator panels, Eftpos/credit card machines, ATMs and other specialised services.

If you have equipment (such as different types of alarms, lift phones, Eftpos/credit card machines) which use phone and/or internet services to function, you will need to check with the supplier of the equipment as to whether the equipment will work on the NBN and which NBN services are best suited for the equipment to work.

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Questions to ask your specialised service provider

  1. Has my equipment been tested on the NBN?
  2. Will the service still work on the NBN?
  3. If it is not tested, when will it be tested? What should I do until it is tested?
  4. Which NBN service is best suited to this particular equipment?

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