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Our Measuring Broadband Australia program helps provide consumers with accurate, independent and comparable information about NBN fixed-line and fixed wireless broadband speeds and performance. We work with our testing provider SamKnows to rollout Whiteboxes to volunteers around Australia.

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Results for our fourteenth quarter of testing from our testing provider SamKnows features the following service providers: Aussie Broadband, Dodo and iPrimus, Exetel, iiNet, MyRepublic, Optus, Telstra, TPG, Vodafone and Superloop.

If you would like to see your service provider included in our future reports, please consider signing up to be a volunteer. At this stage, the program will not test satellite broadband services.

About the program

Consumers spend over $6.3 billion per year on fixed-line broadband services, and they need access to accurate information to assist them in choosing plans.

The broadband monitoring program involves testing thousands of Australian households to determine typical broadband speeds and performance at various times during the day. To provide this information to consumers we have established a growing volunteer testing panel, which consists of hundreds of volunteers around the country who host a Whitebox on their broadband connection.

You can see our most recent monitoring results at Broadband performance data and quarterly reports throughout the year.

Consumers benefit from our program by:

  • making it easier to compare plans and shop around for the best deal
  • being able to check if their broadband service is delivering on the value they signed up for
  • encouraging retailers to compete on performance as well as price and data inclusions.

In May 2021, the Australian Government announced funding for an extension of the program until June 2025.

What happens next?

We will release our fifteenth quarterly report later in 2021. We work with our testing provider SamKnows to provide Whiteboxes to our growing volunteer testing panel as the NBN rollout continues. We make sure we have volunteers in place to produce the most reliable performance information. If you’re selected, SamKnows will contact you directly – please look out for an email from SamKnows if you sign up.

Note: not everyone who expresses interest will take part in the testing, but we are looking for lots of volunteers. We are particularly keen to expand our testing to the new gigabit NBN plans some RSPs offer and to volunteers on the NBN fixed wireless network. Under the extended program we are also now looking for volunteers on non-NBN fixed-line and fixed wireless networks. We encourage people on these plans and networks to sign up to our program.

Selected participants

If you’re selected to participate in the program or if we need more information from you, you’ll be contacted by SamKnows using the details you provided when you signed up.

SamKnows provides selected volunteers who agree to participate with a small Whitebox device to plug in at home (similar to a home modem). The Whitebox performs automated tests on volunteers’ home internet connection including at peak and off-peak usage times, and is similar to devices used in monitoring programs in the UK, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Your commitment

Volunteers will have access to information about their internet performance via a consumer dashboard and receive regular 'report cards'.

You won’t be paid to participate in the program, and it won’t cost anything to participate.

The Whitebox won’t record any personal information or browsing history, and won’t interfere with your service. A small amount of your broadband data will be used to conduct testing — the international experience tells us that this has little to no impact on testing volunteers.

Your information

We may need to disclose certain information to third parties who may be located in Australia or overseas, including SamKnows, network operators and your internet service provider. We only do this in order to verify your address, type of service and your participation in the program to ensure our testing results are as accurate as possible. More information is available in our ACCC Privacy Policy and when you complete the volunteer application form.

Who is SamKnows?

SamKnows is an experienced internet testing provider, with a proven track record in testing broadband connections in international monitoring programs, which have enhanced consumer information, decision-making and competition in overseas markets. For more information, visit the SamKnows website.

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