Consumer products and activities

  • When buying certain products and services, consumers should be aware of advice.
  • Consumers can follow tips and guidance to help protect their rights.

Buying a new caravan

Under Australian law, products and services that consumers buy come with automatic guarantees that they will work and do what they’re supposed to do.

Buying or renting a car

Always do your research before buying or hiring a car. Knowing your needs and asking some key questions can help avoid problems.

Electricity prices and plans

We guide consumers on how they can find the best electricity deal. The information is only for New South Wales, south-east Queensland and South Australia. We provide sources for other areas to compare electricity costs.

Energy bills

We know that many people who are connected to the National Electricity Market in the eastern states and South Australia are worried about rising energy prices. Here are some steps you can take to minimise the impact of your energy bills.

Flight delays and cancellations

The basic consumer rights known as consumer guarantees apply to flights, including the guarantee that services are provided within a reasonable time.

Foreign currency and money exchange

There are many suppliers of foreign currency services, not just banks. To get the best price we recommend you compare different suppliers and be prepared to switch between them.

Funeral services

Businesses selling funeral products and services must not mislead consumers, offer contracts with unfair terms, or take advantage of a consumer’s vulnerability.

Petrol and fuel

Fuel prices go up and down due to a mix of factors, including overseas and local market forces. We provide weekly information on recent unleaded petrol prices in Australia's 5 major cities.

Private health insurance

Choosing the right private health insurance policy can be confusing. We have information to help you understand the important issues.

Real estate

Real estate agents must give consumers truthful information and must not mislead consumers to encourage higher offers.

Solar power

When deciding whether to install solar power you should read widely about the available systems and speak to your electricity supplier and a number of solar power providers to find out if the investment is the right one for you.

Retirement villages

Before signing a retirement village contract, consumers should get independent legal advice and understand the purchase and payment model; costs; facilities and services.

Telcos and internet

We promote competition, remedy market failure, allow access to essential infrastructure, and work to protect consumers in this sector. Our regular reports help people compare the performance of broadband providers.

COVID-19 information for consumers

Find the latest information on consumer rights, travel and event cancellations in relation to COVID-19.

Home care services

Aged care in Australia covers a few different services such as retirement villages, community care and home care. Consumers and businesses have rights and responsibilities under consumer law for home care services.