Issues paper4 May 2015

The ACCC has been asked by the Government to review the Commonwealth water charge rules and provide advice on possible amendments to these rules.

Issues paper documents

The ACCC released an issues paper on 4 May 2015 to facilitate stakeholder input to the review and advice.

The ACCC sought stakeholder views on the questions set out in the issues paper, as well as comments on the water charge rules more generally.

Public submissions to the issues paper

The ACCC received 19 submissions by the deadline and received a further 8 submissions after the deadline.

The submissions are presented in the order that they were received.

Commissioned reports

The ACCC commissioned the preparation of two reports on issues relevant to the review of the water charge rules:

  • ABARES, Water trading and water charge rules: A survey of irrigators in the Murray-Darling Basin
  • Marsden Jacob Associates, The impact of infrastructure charge structures on water trade in the Murray-Darling Basin.

The views presented in these reports are the authors and don't necessarily reflect those of the ACCC. The reports are being considered by the ACCC as part of its review.