What the ACCC does

  • We track and report on prices, costs and profits of services at major Australian airports.

What the ACCC can't do

  • We don’t regulate Australian airports.
  • We don’t track or report on services provided through smaller airports.

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What we do in airport monitoring

The ACCC tracks prices, costs, profits and quality of aeronautical, car parking and landside access services at Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney airports.

We monitor to provide more transparency on:

  • the performance of Australia’s major airports
  • whether airports are taking advantage of a lack of competition in the services they provide.

We report our findings to the Treasurer every year. 

Airport monitoring reports

We publish an airport monitoring report every year, as part of our monitoring role.

Current monitoring report

Previous monitoring reports

See Airport monitoring reports for a complete list of reports we have published.

The legal basis of our functions

The ACCC’s functions mainly come from directions issued by the Assistant Treasurer under section 95ZF of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010:

The monitoring of the quality of aeronautical services is in line with Part 8 of the Airports Act 1996.

Airports supply information on landside access services voluntarily.

Airport projects

Report anti-competitive behaviour to the ACCC

Anyone can report anti-competitive behaviour to the ACCC. This includes at Australian airports. We use these reports to identify issues that need investigation.

Make a report to the ACCC

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