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The Telstra Corporation and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2021 came in to force in December 2021.

This introduced a requirement on the ACCC  to conduct a review of whether a Ministerial determination should be made under subsection 581W(3) of the Telecommunications Act 1997 regarding the corporate control percentage.

On 6 April 2022, the ACCC published a Consultation Paper with stakeholder submissions due on 6 May 2022. The ACCC received 7 stakeholder submissions.

On 14 June 2022 the ACCC provided the Minister for Communications a report on its review on of whether a determination should be made by the Minister under subsection 581W(3) of the Act.

The report states that the ACCC’s view is that the current 15% corporate control threshold is appropriate at this time and that a Ministerial determination under subsection 581W(3) of the Act is not required.

On the same date, the ACCC lodged a notifiable instrument with the Federal Register of Legislation to record that it provided the report to the Minister.