Further consultation 11 Mar 2016

The ACCC has decided to conduct further consultation on a range of data and modelling issues in response to submissions to the DTCS FAD draft decision. The ACCC has re-engaged its consultant Economic Insights to undertake further regression analysis and modelling.

On 17 December 2015 the ACCC released a further consultation paper and Economic Insights’ report for comment. Economic Insights provided the ACCC with an amended version of its report (marked-up) which has been corrected for modeling errors. The ACCC has released the corrected version for comment.


Further consultation on pricing of transmission services to Tasmania

The ACCC has decided to conduct further consultation on its proposal to increase the uplift factor to be applied to prices for transmission services using the undersea cable component to Tasmania. In the ACCC’s DTCS FAD draft decision, the ACCC proposed to maintain a 40% uplift for the undersea component on Bass Strait transmission routes. The ACCC is now proposing to increase the uplift and notified industry stakeholders of its proposal on 8 March 2016.

The ACCC is seeking submissions by Monday 21 March 2016.