Project overview



Telstra’s migration plan requires it to develop six 'required measures' that relate to the operating processes Telstra will follow when disconnecting customers from its copper and HFC networks.

This project page contains information and correspondence about Telstra’s Roadmap and Work Plan for the development of the required measures.

Required measures

The full list of required measures that Telstra must develop is set out in Schedule 7 of the migration plan. These are:

  1. processes for Telstra to obtain relevant consents and releases from wholesale customers and provide relevant notices to wholesale customers associated with NBN Co ‘pull through’ activities
  2. process for managed disconnection of copper services on the disconnection date
  3. process for managed disconnection of hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) services
  4. process for Telstra to build copper paths at premises which had previously been permanently disconnected, in order to supply special services and special service inputs
  5. processes to manage and implement the disconnection of copper services of each special service class
  6. an information security plan on the use and disclosure of NBN Co migration information.

The ACCC must approve a required measure if it is satisfied that it complies with the Telecommunications (Migration Plan Principles) Determination 2011. Otherwise, the ACCC will direct Telstra to resubmit the required measure within 40 business days, amended to take into the account the concerns raised by the ACCC. Once a required measure has been approved by the ACCC it becomes part of the migration plan.

Related projects

Telstra’s submission, and the ACCC’s assessment, of required measures 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 are available on separate project pages:

Required measure 5 will be developed once the first disconnection dates for a class of special services has been set.