Draft decision8 Dec 2008

The ACCC released a draft decision to reject the ULLS undertaking on 13 November 2008.

Optus' response to the ACCC draft decision

Optus have also submitted a report by Ovum to the ACCC. Interested parties may access this report through the Ovum Knowledge Centre. The citation is: Ovum, Incumbent strategies in response to local loop unbundling, 5 March 2009.

Telstra response to the ACCC draft decision

Telstra has advised that a public version of the file 'Materiality Test Attachment A.zip' will not be provided. This is because the file contains Excel workbooks which would not contain any meaningful material if a public version was created.

Telstra has further advised that it will provide confidential versions of Attachment A upon request to interested parties who have the appropriate confidentiality undertakings in place.

Ovum advisory notes

As part of its assessment of Telstra's 2008 ULLS undertaking, the ACCC commissioned Ovum to provide advice on certain issues associated with the ACCC’s assessment of Telstra’s ULLS monthly charge undertaking, and to review certain material submitted to the ACCC as part of the undertaking assessment process.

Ovum provided four advisory notes to the ACCC.