Consultation paper on NBN Co's WBA4 proposal 20 Aug 2020

On 13 August 2020, NBN Co proposed to the ACCC that it would incorporate a set of changes into the next version of its wholesale broadband agreement (WBA4), including:

  • reductions to entry level pricing that will serve as an anchor for higher speed products, to promote competition and protect consumers in the migration to the NBN
  • measures to provide more certainty over future access product and pricing offers, to reduce risk and encourage more efficient use of the NBN
  • a revised set of service standard commitments, including stronger rebate arrangements for poor performance, to drive improvements in appointment keeping, fault rectification, connections, and speed assurance.

On 20 August 2020, the ACCC resumed the Inquiry into NBN access pricing and the NBN wholesale service standards inquiry and released a consultation paper on NBN Co’s WBA4 proposals.

The ACCC sought views from interested parties in response to the consultation paper by close of business on 11 September 2020. Public submissions that we received have been published on our website.

The consultation paper, details of NBN Co’s WBA4 proposal, public submissions and the final report can be found at: Inquiry into NBN access pricing.