Project overview



The NBN Services in Operation Record Keeping Rules (NBN SIO record keeping rule) were issued in September 2014. The Rules require NBN Co to provide information to the ACCC on the number of Access Virtual Circuit (AVC) services in operation, the amount of Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) capacity being acquired and average CVC utilisation over the NBN.

In July 2015 the ACCC consulted on a proposed NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report based on the information provided under the NBN SIO record keeping rule.

Following consultation, the ACCC issued a disclosure direction to NBN Co in March 2016 to prepare and provide to the ACCC for publication a report on data collected by NBN Co under the NBN SIO record keeping rule. The report is required to be produced each calendar quarter. The initial report was released on 29 April 2016.

The NBN SIO record keeping rule was extended in September 2017 for a further three years.


In December 2017 the ACCC conducted a review of the operation of the NBN SIO record keeping rule Disclosure Direction that forms the basis for the NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report. The revised NBN SIO record keeping rule Disclosure Direction and related documents are available on the NBN SIO record keeping rule Disclosure Direction consultation page.