Notification of proposed long term satellite ancillary charges 4 May 2015

On 4 May 2015 NBN Co submitted to the ACCC a proposal to introduce new prices for a range of currently zero-priced ancillary charges listed in NBN Co’s Special Access Undertaking (SAU). These ancillary charges all relate to NBN Co’s Long Term Satellite network. The price notification was made under clause 1C.5.4 of the NBN Co’s SAU.

Under the SAU, NBN Co must provide access seekers and the ACCC with no less than 6 months’ notice of its proposal to introduce prices for currently zero-priced activities . The NBN activities subject to the notification will cease to be zero-priced at the end of the notification period, unless NBN Co issues a notice to withdraw its proposal. The ACCC may make a regulatory determination that specifies a maximum price for an NBN service within 24 months of the date in which the service ceased to be zero-priced.

NBN Co’s proposed prices were presented to its Product Development Forum in the consultation paper "Long Term Satellite Product Construct – Initial Product Set and changes to NPIS – Third Consultation". The ACCC understands that NBN Co is conducting public consultation on the proposal.

NBN Co’s price notification and information on its consultation process is available on the NBN Co website.

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