Consultation paper23 May 2022

On 23 May 2022, the ACCC published a consultation paper on NBN Co’s proposed Special Access Undertaking (SAU) variation to guide interested parties in preparing their submissions.

On 15 June, the ACCC published an access cost projection model and explanatory note underpinning Figure 3 of page 12 of the consultation paper. The model has been populated with the parameter values that underpin the projections in Figure 3.

Stakeholders are able to amend these values to generate alternative projections to aid in informing their submissions to the SAU variation consultation.

Submissions to the consultation paper closed on 22 July 2022.


Confidential information

Optus and TPG have provided public and confidential versions of their submissions. Telstra has provided a confidential attachment as part of its submission.

The ACCC has not yet assessed the confidentiality claims of Optus, TPG and Telstra. We will write to these parties shortly to request information in support of their confidentiality claims, consistent with the approach outlined in the ACCC’s consultation paper.

The ACCC has published the public versions of these submissions as a practical measure to ensure as much information as possible is made publicly available at this time. This is not indicative of any position the ACCC may reach on the confidentiality claims.

The ACCC will consider the submissions from Optus, TPG and Telstra in support of their confidentiality claims and work closely with these parties on this matter. At this stage, it is not proposed that information the subject of a confidentiality claim will be made available to third parties through limited individual non-disclosure agreements.