Project overview



On 26 November 2004 Vodafone lodged an ordinary access undertaking with the ACCC specifying the terms and conditions it would undertake to meet its standard access obligations to supply the domestic mobile terminating access service (MTAS). The terms and conditions related to the pricing of the MTAS and some other matters of supply. The undertaking includes a service description and usage charges specifying Vodafone's proposed charges for the service outlined in the service description.

The ACCC released a discussion paper on Vodafone's MTAS access undertaking on 25 February 2005.

On 7 February 2005 Vodafone wrote to the ACCC to inform that it had discovered an unintentional omission in the data inputs to the cost model underlying a key report (the PricewaterhouseCoopers report) on which the usage charges in the undertaking were based. Following further communications between Vodafone and the ACCC, Vodafone lodged a second (replacement) ordinary access undertaking on the MTAS on 23 March 2005, based on revised cost modelling figures.

Subsequently Vodafone wrote to the ACCC on 12 April 2005 withdrawing the first undertaking which it submitted on 26 November 2004.