Request for advice – 1800MHz spectrum in regional areas1 Apr 2015

In March 2015, the ACCC received a request for advice on competition limits for an allocation of spectrum licences to use 1800MHz spectrum in regional areas. In April 2015, the ACCC published a letter inviting submissions on a range of relevant issues.

The ACCC provided its advice to the Minister in May 2015. On 26 May 2015, the Minister made a reallocation declaration for the regional 1800 MHz band spectrum and a direction on competition limits, which was consistent with the ACCC’s advice.

The Radiocommunications (Spectrum Re-allocation—Regional 1800 MHz Band) Declaration 2015 and the Radiocommunications (Spectrum Licence Limits—Regional 1800 MHz Band) Direction 2015 are available on the ComLaw website.