Project overview




In March 2003, the ACCC announced a review of mobile services. In April 2003 the ACCC released a discussion paper commencing the review and inviting submissions from stakeholders and other interested parties.

The review fulfilled a commitment made by the ACCC in July 2001 to re-examine its pricing methodology for GSM mobile termination service within two years. It was also a broad ranging review which examined what form of regulation, if any, should be applied to the mobile terminating and originating access services, the domestic and international roaming services and 3G mobile services.

The ACCC received a number of submissions from interested parties, conducted two public forums and in August 2003 released a retail benchmarking report. In June 2004, the ACCC released a final reports on the mobile terminating access service and the mobile originating access service. In December 2004, the ACCC released a final report relating to the domestic inter-carrier roaming service and draft record keeping rules in relation to this service for public comment. Finally, in September 2005, the ACCC released a final report relating to the international inter-carrier roaming service.