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The 2011 Hunter Valley Coal Network Access Undertaking (2011 HVAU) requires the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) to submit documentation to the ACCC for the purposes of an annual compliance assessment.

Section 4.10 and Schedule G of the 2011 HVAU requires the ACCC to determine whether ARTC has complied with the financial model and pricing principles specified in the undertaking and whether there has been any under or over recovery of revenue from users that needs to be reconciled.

On 23 April 2020, ARTC submitted its annual compliance documentation for the twelve month period from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017.

On 14 May 2020, the ACCC issued a consultation paper on ARTC's 2017 Annual Compliance documentation. Submissions to this consultation paper were due by Friday 26 June 2020.

On 25 September 2020, the ACCC released its final determination on ARTC's compliance for the 2017 calendar year.