Project overview



In January 2014, ARTC submitted a proposed variation to the accepted Hunter Valley access undertaking to the ACCC for assessment. The proposed variation relates to the determination of the efficient train configuration and associated indicative charges.

The ACCC conducted two round of consultation with stakeholders on the proposed variation, initially issuing a Consultation Paper in February 2014 followed by a Position Paper in August 2014. During these consultations it became clear that there remained divergent views within industry on the efficient train configuration and appropriate pricing and there needed to be more time for stakeholders to discuss these issues.

On 7 November 2014, ARTC withdrew its variation application from the ACCC’s consideration. The ACCC acknowledged the withdrawal of the application in a letter of response, noting the divergent views on the proposed characteristics of the Final Indicative Services and the expiry of the current undertaking in mid-2016 as the reasons for not pursuing any further action of this matter.