Consultation on proposed changes to the Consumer Data Right Rules18 Nov 2020

The ACCC sought views on changes to the Competition and Consumer (Consumer Data Right) Rules 2020 (Rules). These changes are intended to expand the Rules and allow for the entry of a greater number and type of businesses in Consumer Data Right. We published a consultation paper on 30 September 2020 outlining our key proposals including:

  • changes to the accreditation process to include new restricted tiers of accreditation
  • rules to allow consumers to consent to the disclosure of Consumer Data Right data to third parties
  • increased functionality to improve consumer experience.

Submissions closed on 29 October 2020 and are available below.

CDR Rules Exposure Draft CX Wireframes

To facilitate engagement and comprehension of the proposed new rules, the Data Standards Body's (DSB) Consumer Experience (CX) Working Group, in collaboration with the ACCC, has developed wireframes based on key rules enhancements.

See: CDR Rules Exposure Draft CX Wireframes

Alternatively, the DSB recommends viewing the wireframes via the DSB's public Miro board using a desktop computer.

The wireframes contained in this document have been developed to illustrate how the proposed new rules could work in practice. This document should be read in conjunction with the CDR Rules Exposure Draft and the CDR Rules Expansion Amendments consultation paper. The community should expect these wireframes to evolve based on further iterations and in line with how the proposed rules consultation progresses.