Under the Australian Consumer Law, suppliers of consumer goods and related services are required to report deaths, serious injuries or illnesses associated with consumer goods. This must be done if the business considers, or is aware that someone else considers, that the death, injury or illness was caused, or may have been caused, by the use or foreseeable misuse of their good or service. This requirement is known as 'mandatory reporting'.

Providing this notice is not an admission of liability.

A supplier is required to submit a report within 2 days of becoming aware of a reportable incident. Suppliers can do this using the ACCC's online form, which is available on the  Mandatory injury report page of the Product Safety Australia website. Suppliers unable to submit the form electronically should contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

Failure to report products or services causing death, serious injury or illness can lead to a penalty of up to $16,650 for corporations or $3,300 for individuals.

The mandatory reporting form and more information on mandatory reporting are available on the Product Safety Australia website