The Commonwealth minister can impose a mandatory safety standard for consumer goods or product-related services. The mandatory safety standard will usually outline the conditions (such as construction, performance or testing requirements) that are necessary to prevent, or reduce, the risk of injury to a person.

Mandatory information standards

The Commonwealth minister may impose a mandatory information standard in relation to any products or services. A mandatory information standard specifies what information must be provided with a product.

Existing standards

There are mandatory standards in place for dozens of products relating to children's clothing, toys, infant and nursery products, sporting gear, hardware, vehicle accessories and cosmetics.

Visit the Product Safety Australia website for the full list of current mandatory standards in Australia.

Penalties for not complying

It is an offence for a business to supply, or offer to supply, products or services, or to manufacture or possess products for the purpose of supply, that don't comply with a mandatory safety standard or a mandatory information standard. This can lead to a penalty of up to the greater of $10 million, 3 times the value of the benefit received, or where the benefit cannot be calculated, 10% of annual turnover in the preceding 12 months for corporations, or $500,000 for individuals.