You must be prepared to substantiate any advertised claims you make about your products. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • claims about the country of origin of goods, that is, claims that a product (or part of a product) was made, produced, manufactured or grown in a particular country
  • premium or credence claims that give the impression that a product, or one of its attributes, has some kind of added benefit when compared to similar products and services, for example promoting a product as being of a perceived quality ('Swiss chocolate' or 'Belgian beer') or suggesting a product is safer ('non-toxic') or has a nutritional benefit ('fat free')
  • environmental claims about a product's environmental sustainability, recycling, energy and water efficiency or impact on animals and the natural environment, for example 'green', 'environmentally safe' or 'fully recycled'.

For more information, visit the False or misleading statements page.