Under the ACL, the only products that must be labelled with their country of origin are foods sold in stores, markets, online or vending machines if they are:

  • packaged, or
  • certain unpackaged foods (e.g. fruits, vegetables, nuts and specific meats).

Businesses were given until 1 July 2018 to change their labels to comply with the Food Labelling Standard. Learn more about the country of origin labelling requirements.

If you manufacture or distribute any other types of products, the ACL does not require you to make a country of origin claim. However, if you choose to do so, you must ensure it is clear, truthful and accurate.

Note: While the ACL doesn’t require you to provide origin information about your non-food products, other laws might. For example, Australian customs regulations require certain products to be labelled with their country of origin at the border.