Forms & fees

A valid application for merger authorisation must be in the form approved by the ACCC and accompanied by the relevant fee.

Forms and fees

Your application for merger authorisation should be in a form approved by the ACCC and accompanied by the relevant lodgement fee.

Form Fee
Application for merger authorisation ( PDF 95.09 KB ) $25,000
Application for revocation and substitution (merger) ( PDF 97.92 KB ) $25,000
Application for minor variation (merger) ( PDF 86.75 KB ) no fee
Application for revocation (merger) ( PDF 77.24 KB ) no fee

Payment methods

The ACCC prefers the payment of lodgement fees to be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Payment can also be made by credit card (Visa and Mastercard only) online at or by cheque made out to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Payment by EFT

Account Name: ACCC Administered receipts account
Bank: Westpac Banking Corporation
BSB: 032-730
Account Number: 146550
Payment narrative: <name of company> <form name eg Application for Merger Authorisation>

For proof of payment, applicants should include a copy of the receipt of the transaction from their financial institution which includes the following details:

  • receipt number
  • transaction date and time
  • from account details
  • to account details
  • to account description
  • value of the payment made in Australian dollars.

Applications will not be considered validly lodged until the relevant fee has been paid.

When applications are lodged and/or fees are paid electronically, the date of receipt of the application will be, when lodged on a business day, that day and when lodged on a weekend or a public holiday in the Australian Capital Territory (the ACT), the next business day in the ACT.

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