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The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman is an independent advocate for small business owners and franchisees.

The Ombudsman also assists small businesses and family enterprises with business disputes.

They can:

  • let you know about dispute resolution processes and your options to resolve a dispute
  • help franchisees and franchisors access alternative dispute resolution services
  • appoint a dispute resolution service provider if a party to a dispute - a franchisee or franchisor - asks them to.

Visit the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman. You can make an enquiry online or call their information line on 1300 650 460.

State Small Business Commissioners

State Small Business Commissioners support small businesses with information, guidance and access to dispute resolution services.

Legal advice

If you want to be able to protect your rights under a franchise agreement, you need to be able to pay for your own legal advice and representation.

Some disputes in franchising will be about contract law. Not all government agencies assist with this.

Your legal representative is also the only person who can represent you in court.

Role of the ACCC

The ACCC does not resolve disputes, oversee dispute resolution processes, nor generally become involved in individual disputes.

Find out more about what the ACCC does.

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