A career at the ACCC - transcript

Published: 28 Nov 2012

Summary: ACCC graduates enjoy working in an exciting and challenging environment where they can apply and expand their existing skills and knowledge. They form an important part of a small, high-performing agency that is committed to promoting competition, consumer protection and fair trading in the Australian marketplace.


Brenton Philp: If you want a job that gives you the chance to work on key industry issues, consumer protection matters and significant public interest issues of the day, then the ACCC can give you that and a whole lot more.

Graduate: Be part of a high profile, professional public service Agency.

Melissa Randall: I think that Graduates who are looking for interesting and challenging work, who want to do something worthwhile, who want to work in a collegiate and flexible environment, should consider a career at the ACCC.

Scott Gregson: So I joined the ACCC 16 years ago now as a Graduate. I came from Perth and took an opportunity in Canberra. I now head up the Enforcement Teams across the country, looking after hundreds of investigations, and over 150 staff, all of whom are great people to work with.

Graduate: The ACCC is a national organisation with offices all cities, plus Townsville.

Graduate: Previous Graduates have had long and successful careers at the ACCC. And some are now even senior managers.

Brenton Philp: The Grad Program was very important to my career now. I was able to do two rotations in regional Enforcement out of our Townsville office and then a third rotation out of our Canberra office doing merger investigations. That gave me a good basis of experience across the Commission, gave me access to a lot of real-time investigations, dealing with real issues for people and consumers on the ground, and ultimately enabled me to later on work as a Director in the Mergers and Asset Sales Branch and now as a General Manager in the Enforcement Operations Group.

Graduate: As Graduates we get the opportunity to present our projects to senior managers and Commissioners.

Scott Gregson: The career development opportunities in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, starting as a Graduate, are quite significant. You’re exposed to a broad range of work that helps you develop your skills. You also get exposed to a broad range of people, whether it’s working with senior managers or Commissioners directly. It really helps you in your career, not only with the ACCC but more broadly with the public service.

Graduate: The Grad Program is not just about what happens in the office, it’s the all-round grad experience.

Brenton Philp: As a Graduate at the ACCC, you’ll be playing a role in the welfare of all Australians as part of the Australian Public Service. You’ll have a variety of matters, access to very senior people, and play a role in key public interest issues as they arise on a daily basis. For these reasons I encourage you to consider a role in the ACCC’s Graduate Program.