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Who and what are covered?

The national product safety law applies to all businesses in a supply chain for 'consumer goods' or 'product-related services'. Manufacturers, wholesalers, hirers and retailers are all responsible for complying with the product safety law.

'Consumer goods' are products that are intended for personal, domestic or household use or consumption, or that are of a kind likely to be used in this way. This includes goods that become fixtures, for example: air conditioners, doors, window frames or similar items that are installed in a house, since the time they were supplied if a recall notice for the goods has been issued or a person has voluntarily taken action to recall the goods.

'Product-related services' are services for the installation, maintenance, repair, cleaning, assembly or delivery of consumer goods.

The manufacturer's liability provisions are broader as they apply to all goods, not just consumer goods.

Export of non-complying goods is an offence unless the Commonwealth minister gives, upon application by the exporter, written approval to allow goods to be exported.