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Safety warning notices

A safety warning notice is a formal warning issued by a state, territory or Commonwealth minister. It informs consumers and suppliers about consumer goods or product-related services that may cause injury and/or are under investigation.

A safety warning notice:

  • states that goods or services are under a safety investigation to determine whether they, or their reasonably foreseeable use, may cause injury
  • warns of the possible risks involved in using specified consumer goods, or involved in the supply of product-related services.


A warning notice may be published informing consumers that a problem has been detected with materials used in the braking system of a certain car model and that care needs to be taken when its brakes are repaired or replaced.

If a safety investigation is conducted and leads to a proposal that consumer goods or product-related services be banned or that goods be recalled, the state, territory or Commonwealth minister must issue a notice to this effect. Businesses supplying those goods or services will then be given an opportunity to call a conference with the ACCC to discuss the matter. However, if the investigation concludes that there is an imminent risk of the goods or services causing serious illness, injury or death, an immediate interim ban will be imposed, or (in the case of goods) a recall notice will be issued immediately.

How to comply

Suppliers do not have to stop supplying the goods when a safety warning notice is issued. However, they must comply with any bans or recall notices that result from an investigation.