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Mandatory reporting

Businesses supplying consumer goods, or product-related services, must notify the Commonwealth minister within 48 hours of becoming aware that a person suffered serious injury, illness or death associated with a consumer good or product-related service they supplied.

This obligation applies to any business in the supply chain.

The notice sent to the Minister must be in writing, identify the goods and include what the supplier knows about when and in what quantities the goods were supplied in, imported into or exported from Australia, the circumstances and nature of the injury, illness or death and any action the supplier has taken, or proposes to take, in relation to the goods or services.

The reporting obligation does not arise, if it is clear that the injury, illness or death was not caused by the goods, or that this is very unlikely, or if the supplier or another person is required by another law, or by an industry code, to report the death, injury or illness.