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The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) establishes a uniform national product safety law. The law is designed to protect consumers from dangerous goods and product-related services, and provide them with a remedy against the manufacturer in the event of injury by unsafe goods. The product safety laws set out the responsibilities of governments, suppliers and manufacturers. They also allow Australian governments to impose product safety standards and information standards for consumer goods or product-related services.

Should you work in a business manufacturing, importing or supplying consumer goods or product-related services it is important that you are aware of the obligations under the product safety laws. Businesses are required to notify the Commonwealth minister if they become aware that any consumer goods or product-related services they provided have, or may have, caused a person serious injury, illness or death. Failure to comply with these obligations will expose you and your business to criminal and civil liability.

A manufacturer of unsafe goods (whether or not they are consumer goods) may be liable to compensate anyone who suffers injury, loss or damage from use of the goods.