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Australia, like other countries, has a set of rules that businesses must follow so that consumers are treated fairly and given legal rights when they buy goods or services.

The ACL contains provisions designed to provide consumers with protection against certain business practices.

What is consumer protection?

Consumer protection laws such as the ACL aim to prevent businesses from harming consumers. These laws have the additional benefit of promoting fair competition between businesses, by preventing businesses from gaining an unfair advantage in the market at the expense of their customers and competitors.

The ACL provides consumers across Australia with uniform rights and remedies, and imposes uniform obligations and responsibilities on businesses. Being familiar with this law is important because:

  • when you graduate and start working in business, you will be able to help your employer comply with the law and avoid the bad publicity, penalties and other adverse consequences that can flow from breaching the law
  • as a consumer, you can protect your own interests and pursue the remedies available to you if your rights are infringed.