Tertiary education program

Forms of consumer protection

Most of the provisions of the ACL either forbid a particular form of conduct or direct businesses to act in a certain way. Many of these provisions overlap. Accordingly, in some circumstances a business that engages in conduct that breaches one provision of the ACL may also be at risk of breaching other provisions of the ACL.

In addition to this overview module, this online tertiary education program provides an in-depth explanation of the various provisions of the ACL in four other modules:

  • Module 7 – false or misleading advertising practices
  • Module 8 – unfair selling practices
  • Module 9 – consumer guarantees
  • Module 10 – product safety and liability.

Module 11 (Social media and the ACL) and Module 12 (Scams) further examine the particular application of the provisions discussed in the modules above.

The first five modules of this online education program relate to provisions within the CCA that prohibit anti-competitive conduct.