Tertiary education program

Remedy from the supplier

The remedies include rejecting the goods (and getting a refund or replacement) or keeping the goods and obtaining damages as compensation for the drop in value caused by the problem (claims for which must be brought within six years). These remedies:

  • operate in addition to any other remedies the consumer may have under their contract of supply, or under an express warranty they have been given
  • cannot be excluded or reduced by reference to a notice, sign, contract or express warranty
  • are available to the consumer and:
    • (against the supplier) to anyone to whom the consumer has given the goods as a gift
    • (against the manufacturer) to anyone who acquires the goods (other than for re-supply), or title to the goods, from the consumer.

The consumer guarantees do not apply if a consumer simply decides they no longer want the goods or services. In such a case, the seller may choose to give a refund, or exchange the goods, but is not obliged to do so.