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A consumer's right to reject goods

A consumer who is entitled to reject goods because of non-compliance with a consumer guarantee:

  • must notify the supplier, within a reasonable time, that they wish to do this and the grounds they are relying upon, and
  • must return the goods to the supplier. However, if the goods cannot be returned, removed or transported without significant cost to the consumer because of the nature of the failure to comply with the guarantee to which the rejection relates, or the size or height, or method of attachment, of the goods, then the supplier must collect the goods within a reasonable time and at the supplier's expense.

However, the consumer will lose the right to reject the goods if:

  • they do not do so within a reasonable time
  • the goods are lost or damaged, or
  • the goods have become attached to land and would be damaged if detached.

Although a consumer may be unable to reject the goods, the supplier remains obliged to pay compensation for their reduced value and for any consequential loss or damage the consumer may have suffered.