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Who is protected?

The consumer guarantees protect anyone who acquires:

  • any types of goods or services that cost $40 000 or less
  • goods or services costing more than $40 000 if those goods or services are normally bought for personal, domestic or household use or consumption
  • a vehicle or trailer principally to transport goods on public roads.

Businesses that acquire goods for re-supply, or to use them up in a manufacturing or production process, are not covered by this definition.

The consumer guarantees also don't apply if a consumer got what they asked for but simply changed their mind or saw the product or service cheaper elsewhere.


  • Someone who purchases household goods or services.

  • A business that buys office furniture totalling $22 000.

  • A printing company that leases a printer for $35 000 for use in its business.

  • A furniture removal company that purchases a new vehicle for its business.

Not protected

  • A farmer who purchases a tractor for $60 000.

  • A furniture maker who purchases timber for $20 000 for use in its business.