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Date Video Summary
06.11.21 Stop scams. Speak up. Scams Awareness Week Scams can affect anyone, and scammers rely on people’s silence to gain power. So, it’s time to start talking about scams. For more information about scams visit:
06.07.21 Business purchases for small business To start or operate an online business, you may need to purchase goods or services from other businesses.
06.07.21 Consumer guarantees for small business Did you know consumers have rights when purchasing products or services from your business?
06.07.21 Online reviews for small business Online reviews are great. They help consumers make informed decisions about how to spend their money.
06.07.21 Advertising for small business If you advertise a product or service, you probably know that what you say about it has to be truthful and accurate. But did you know that this also applies online?
12.08.19 Scams Awareness Week: too smart to be scammed? The Scamwatch team hit the streets of Melbourne and asked members of the public to test their knowledge on current scams. How did they go?
12.08.19 Scams Awareness Week: have you every been scammed? We asked members of the public if they’ve ever been scammed. The results were surprising. Australians made more than 378 000 scam reports in 2018, with more than $489 million reported lost.
12.08.19 Scams Awareness Week: Millennials vs Boomers A throw down challenge between generations on who can spot the scam. Who wins?
26.07.19 ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry On 26 July 2019, the ACCC released its final report for the Digital Platforms Inquiry.
13.06.19 Buying a franchise: key steps There are some key steps you should always take to know the risks before signing a franchise agreement or paying money. This includes understanding key documents, talking to other franchisees and ex-franchisees, seeking professional legal, accounting and business advice from franchising experts.
13.06.19 Buying a franchise: supplier restrictions Some franchise systems require their franchisees to buy certain products from them or their specified supplier, known as supply restrictions. You might have no choice about where to buy some products.
20.06.18 Small business in 2018 webinar Watch this webinar hosted by business and finance reporter, Elysse Morgan, with representatives from the ACCC, ATO, ASIC, Fair Work Ombudsman and the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman on how they’re working to support the small business sector.
20.06.18 The Cut Off Bought something that doesn’t do what it should? Don't lose your head, use your consumer rights.
16.08.17 Country of origin representations: making a ‘made in’ claim  Do you know when you can safely make a claim that your product was ‘made in’ a particular country? Don’t get caught out! Watch this video to ensure your claim won’t raise concerns under the Australian Consumer Law.
14.05.17 Dating and romance scams Australians lose millions of dollars to dating & romance scams every year. Make sure you know how to spot the social media scam. Visit to learn more about how to protect yourself from scams.
03.05.17 Country of origin representations: when you can safely make an origin claim Do you sell goods in Australia? Do you know when you can safely make a country of origin claim? Don’t get caught out! Watch this video to ensure your claim won’t raise concerns under the Australian Consumer Law.
04.05.17 Country of origin representations: when you can safely make an origin claim If you make a claim that your product originated from a particular country the Australian Consumer Law (or ACL) requires that the claim be one – truthful, two – clear, and three – accurate.
04.05.17 Country of origin representations: making a 'made in' claim Do you manufacture, sell or distribute goods for sale in Australia? Will you claim your products are made in a particular country? If so, you need to consider your obligations under the Australian consumer law.
03.01.17 Dud device? Use your rights

Have you ever been told that you'll have to contact the manufacturer to solve a problem with a product? Under the Australian Consumer Law the retailer can't refuse to help by sending you to the manufacturer or importer.

03.01.17 Warranties: worth it?

If you’re offered an extended warranty, make sure you ask the seller to explain what it gives you over and above your consumer guarantees.

02.12.16 Smart shopping with Casey and Reece

An animated educational video for consumers with disability in Easy English about consumer rights. It has been prepared with the assistance of consumers with disability.

02.12.16 Shop smart and use your rights An animated educational video to help consumers with disability make informed purchasing decisions and understand their consumer rights.
30.11.16 Too good to be true

Ever been offered a free product with purchase or something that just sounds ‘too good to be true’? Well, it usually is!

30.11.16 Good art, good deal

This film is aimed at educating Indigenous artists about their rights and how to protect themselves from unscrupulous traders.

31.10.16 Faulty fashion? Use your rights Have you ever been told that you can't get a refund for something you bought on sale? You have the same rights on sale items as you do on full priced ones.
16.06.16 Unit pricing This video explains how unit pricing works in practice and how you can use unit pricing to shop smartly.
16.11.15 Know your rights: unfair contract terms and small business Are you a small business? Do you receive standard form contracts? If so, you should be aware that the Australian government has introduced a law to protect small businesses against unfair contract terms.
04.06.2015 Know the risks and protect yourself Scams and cybercrime such as identity theft impose significant financial, legal and reputational costs on thousands of small businesses each year. Recording of a free forum hosted by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission and the Institute of Public Accountants on 19 May 2015.
18.05.2015 Get smarter with your data In 2015, the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce (ACFT) encourages all Australians and New Zealanders to get smarter with your data.
23.02.2015 Celebrating 40 years of making markets work

Whether it is labelling claims made about the honey on your toast or a takeover bid for the company that supplies your milk, the Competition and Consumer Act influences every business-to-business and business-to-consumer transaction in Australia.

The Trade Practices Act 1974 was renamed the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and has gone through many reviews, but the original principles of promoting efficiency and competition and protecting consumers from unfair practices remain.

14.11.2014 Direct debits Signed up to a direct debit contact? Know what you’re signing up for and how much it’s going to cost you in total.
14.11.2014 Scams Scams target everyone. Know what to look out for and outsmart the scammers.
31.10.2014 Essential tips and tools for small business Interagency webinar by ASIC, FWO, ACCC and ATO, with business advisory comments from Small Biz Connect, a program at the University of Western Sydney.
18.08.2014 Know your rights: People with disabilities ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard explains your rights when purchasing disability services and products.
18.06.2014 Scamwatch warning - False billing scams Find out what you should do when you receive an unexpected invitation to pay for services or goods that you never experienced or ordered.
16.06.2014 Scam of the month warning: Relationship scams People are particularly vulnerable to relationship scams. If something doesn't seem quite right, stop and ask yourself: Do I really know who I am dealing with?
01.05.2014 Scam of the month warning: Energy Bills SCAMwatch is warning consumers to be on the lookout for energy billing scams currently doing the rounds.
17.04.2014 'was/now' advertising ‘Was/now’ pricing can help you attract customers, but it can also be risky in some circumstances. And it can lead to significant penalties if you get it wrong.
05.12.2013 Internet shopping explained: in memes! We explain how to be a smart shopper online with the help of a few of your favourite memes.
09.07.2013 Further information about consumer guarantees This video tells you where you can find more information about the consumer guarantees.
09.07.2013 Providing services - what do I need to know? This video looks at a number of scenarios where a service provider may be required to provide a remedy to a consumer – test your knowledge about what the law requires your business to do.
05.07.2013 Selling goods - what do I need to know? This video looks at a number of scenarios where a seller may be required to provide a remedy to a consumer – test your knowledge about what the law requires your business to do.
05.07.2013 Consumer guarantees - in detail This video looks at the consumer guarantees in detail and the remedies available when a guarantee hasn't been complied with - a must for all business owners and managers. .
26.06.2013 Consumer guarantees - the basics This video gives an overview of the consumer guarantees - a must for all who work in a business selling goods or providing services to consumers.
26.06.2013 Australian Consumer Law - an introduction The Australian Consumer Law is one law for all Australian consumers and businesses, so that no matter where you are you know your rights as a consumer and your obligations as a trader.
17.06.2013 Thanks, but no thanks - Pressure Know your rights when a salesperson comes knocking.
17.06.2013 Thanks, but no thanks - Inducement Know your rights when a salesperson comes knocking.
17.06.2013 Thanks, but no thanks - Cool off Know your rights when a salesperson comes knocking.
24.05.2013 Door to door sales Know your rights before you start talking business. You can ask them to go away and if you do buy something you’ve got 10 days cooling-off period to change your mind.
27.03.2013 Product safety Always check the toy is right for the age of your child. If a part of a toy fits in a film canister, it could choke him.
27.03.2013 6 simple rules Six simple rules for you to follow when it’s time to use your rights.
26.03.2013 Mobile phone contracts Don’t get bullied or pressured into a contract you don’t understand. You have the right to hang up on them.
15.10.2012 ACCC annual report 2011-12 Chair Rod Sims on the ACCC annual report.
29.08.2012 The Marker trailer A preview of the ACCC's short film.
29.08.2012 The Marker A short film on cartels and the damage cartels can do to your business and your life.
29.08.2012 The Marker - video news release - 10 minute  
29.08.2012 Message from ACCC Chairman Rod Sims

ACCC Chair Rod Sims discusses cartels.