This is the ACCC's first interim report as part of its inquiry into markets for the supply of digital platform services.

This report provides an in-depth focus on online private messaging services in Australia. It also updates the ACCC’s previous analysis in relation to search and social media platforms and identifies competition and consumer issues common across these platforms.

See: Digital platform services inquiry 2020-2025.

Clarification of the use of data provided by Nielsen

In September 2020, the ACCC consulted with Nielsen on use of its data in the ACCC’s Digital Platform Services Inquiry September 2020 interim report (interim report). Following publication of the interim report, in November 2020, Nielsen contacted the ACCC to clarify some of Nielsen’s data items used in the interim report. These clarifications are set out in the document below.

See:  Digital Platform Services Inquiry - September 2020 Interim Report - clarification - 23 December 2020 ( PDF 122.23 KB )