In August 2006 the Treasurer asked the ACCC to provide quarterly reports on the differential between E10 and unleaded petrol prices. The ACCC provided four reports on a quarterly basis until September 2007.

On 17 December 2007 the Assistant Treasurer directed the ACCC to monitor the prices, costs and profits of unleaded petrol products for a period of three years and report to him by 17 December each year. These annual monitoring reports now include information on the differential between E10 and unleaded petrol prices and in light of this ethanol pricing quarterly reports are no longer being published.

The ACCC’s first Monitoring of the Australian petroleum industry report was published in December 2008.

Ethanol reports produced

Ethanol report - September quarter 2007 ( PDF 116.7 KB )

Ethanol report - June quarter 2007 ( PDF 97.88 KB )

Ethanol report - March quarter 2007 ( PDF 84.89 KB )

Ethanol report - December quarter 2006 ( PDF 82.12 KB )