Published: 6 Jul 2021


Did you know consumers have rights when purchasing products or services from your business?

Under Australian Consumer Law, these are called consumer guarantees and apply to most purchases, including online purchases. The consumer guarantees are intended to ensure that consumers get the products they paid for and that they do what they're meant to do.

Consumer guarantees include that products must be safe, lasting, and free of defects, match the description provided and be fit for purpose. Consumer guarantees apply to services too and include they must be fit for purpose, provided with due care and skill and supplied within a reasonable time.

If your products or services do not meet a consumer guarantee, it is your responsibility to resolve the problem. You may need to provide a repair, replacement or refund, and in some cases, compensation. If your business has its own refund or return policy, this must operate in addition to, and not in place of, consumer guarantees.

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