Senior ACCC staff are frequently invited to speak at national and international events. All speaking invitations are considered with regard to the relevance of the topic and the audience.

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Please do not send invitations directly to the invitee, instead they should be sent to

The more you tell us about the event, the more likely it is we can find the right person to speak to your audience.

Try to include the following details in your invitation:

Organisation information

  • name of organisation
  • contact name
  • contact email
  • contact mobile phone

Event information

  • type of engagement. For example, keynote, panel, fireside chat
  • proposed date and time
  • location of event, including whether virtual or in-person
  • length of presentation and attendance 
  • proposed speaker
  • proposed topic to be covered by the ACCC
  • list of other confirmed/invited speakers
  • will media be present
  • will it be recorded
  • other information. For example, previous speakers or ACCC participation.

The ACCC also requires access to, or copies of, any recordings or publications featuring ACCC speakers, with express consent to publish on our own platforms at our discretion.


Senior executives and Commissioners are expected to attend Commission meetings in Canberra between 9 am and noon. It is unlikely a speaking event will be accepted if it is scheduled during that time.

There are also a number of other regular commitments which demand time of Commissioners and senior staff, so the more notice you give us, the better the chance we have of being able to meet your request.

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If you have an event you would like an ACCC staff member to speak at, please send your invitation to

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