Published: 29 August 2012

Summary: Preview of The Marker, a film about cartels.  


MARTIN: It’s been going on so long now that it’s just the way things are done.

GORDON: Oh, Neil’s replacement?


MARTIN: Give me a couple of weeks to get up to speed.

FIONA: No time for that I’m afraid.

MARTIN: Ah, I’m shattered.

GORDON: You can take the money and go run a company or stay here and help run an industry.

MARTIN: I just have to rock up, polish it and take the cash.

JEFF: Sounds perfect.

MARTIN: The tenders get rotated around.

FIONA: Congratulations, we got the tender.

MARTIN: Someone new starts up that doesn’t want to play ball then we just...

GORDON /MARTIN: Price them out.

JEFF: Don’t feel guilty. They have to catch you first.

GORDON: Everybody needs to understand that this is how things operate.

MARTIN: Is anything wrong?

JEFF: You’ve got a bit of price fixing, some government tender rigging and dividing up of territories.

GORDON: No mate, nothing’s wrong.

JEFF: It sounds like you’re running a cartel.


FIONA: We need you to do your job.

LUCY: Who are you calling?

MARTIN: What’s it to you?


FIONA: What’s gotten into you Martin?

News report on Radio: The competition watch dog has new teeth to crack down on price fixing.

JEFF: You need help. You need to talk to someone, someone who knows about this stuff.

MARTIN: Yeah...who?