Published: 17 June 2013

Summary: Thanks, but no thanks. Know your consumer rights when a salesperson comes knocking.


SALESMAN: Always check the outside of the house first. No 'Do Not Knock sticker. That's good. Otherwise it's game over before I begin.

SALESMAN: Hello sir how are you today?

CUSTOMER: Well, thank you.

SALESMAN: Look, I'm sorry for the interruption you're really probably busy so we'll jump straight to the point.


SALESMAN: I can imagine, like your neighbours you're bundling all your telephonic and internet services into a single package. Mobile and fixed line rental including local, national
and international calls, ADSL 2 with a data package of say 50GB per month...

CUSTOMER (TO CAMERA): I have no idea what he's talking about.

CUSTOMER: No I don't think so.

SALESMAN: Oh look, I'm really sorry I know this could be really confusing. Technology these days is moving so fast that even I have trouble keeping up. I mean, whatever happened to the good old days of a copper wire landline? Simple. Now you've got the optic fibre NBN rolling down your street and everybody's talking on VOIP.

SALESMAN (TO CAMERA): Time to play the hero and sort this mess out. That I created

SALESMAN: Basically what we've discovered when we've been helping people in this area is that most people are paying too much for their telephone services.

SALESMAN: For example, what do you pay for your local and interstate calls?

CUSTOMER: A local call? I'm not sure.

SALESMAN: And interstate? They should be free.


SALESMAN: Absolutely. When you bundle your telephone services and your internet, all your local and interstate calls are free.

SALESMAN (TO CAMERA): Gotta love the word 'free'. I mean, who doesn't want something for free? Of course we make it all back on calls to mobiles.

CUSTOMER: Can you leave me something? I need time to think.

SALESMAN: Of course you do. And I've got some brochures with me but I'll be honest with you, we're only in this area today and today only. Our company can only afford to offer this deal to a limited number of houses in each area and we've almost reached our quota.

CUSTOMER (TO CAMERA): I don't want to offend him but I'm not really sure what he's offering. I'd rather take my time to research and compare the phone deals that are around and not be pressured into a decision on the spot.

CUSTOMER: No I'm not really interested.

SALESMAN: Not interested in saving money? You'd be the first person I've met in years who isn't interested in that. I tell you what, why don't you have a look for your latest bill and I'll run a quick audit to see where you can save money.

SALESMAN (TO CAMERA): You just got to keep them in play. He gives me the bill and it's game over.

CUSTOMER (TO CAMERA): I really don't feel comfortable with this but how do I get him to leave? Ah yes I remember.

CUSTOMER: Thanks but no thanks.

SALESMAN (TO CAMERA): Where did that come from?