Published: 22 October 2014

Summary: Scams target everyone. Know what to look out for and outsmart the scammers.



VOICEOVER: Scams target everybody by promising big money prizes, huge rewards or easy ways to make cash. Or they trick you into giving out
your account details by pretending to be your bank.




# Then she prays. Let it rain... #

MAN: (ON PHONE) Congratulations. Your number's been drawn in our 10-year anniversary competition. You've won the jackpot.

DORIS: That's deadly! But I don't remember entering any competition.

MAN: (ON PHONE) Your prize is the big one. To claim it, we just need you to pay a small fee of $200 so we can put the money into your account.

DORIS: But I don't have $200 until payday.

MAN: (ON PHONE) That's OK. Just give me your bank details now and we'll take the money from your account later. Have you got those details with you?


YOUNG WOMAN: What's she going on about?


YOUNG WOMAN: What's going on, Mum?

DORIS: I just got a text message and it said that I'd won millions. So I rang and they said I just had to give them $200 to claim the prize.

YOUNG WOMAN: Mum! Them fake, them lottery people. They're just trying to get your bank info so they can steal your money.


DORIS: I know, my girl. I didn't know who that guy was and I wasn't going to give him all of my private information.


MAN: (ON PHONE) I just need your bank details and account number, so I can get you your prize money.

DORIS: I don't know who you are or how you got my number, but I'm not giving you those details.

YOUNG MAN: Scams can target anyone. So think about who's asking you for money or your personal information. Warn your family and friends so they don't get caught out. If you think it's a scam, don't respond. Hang up the phone or delete the email or the text messages.

YOUNG MAN: Report scams to the ACCC.