Published: 5 Dec 2013

Summary: We explain how to be a smart shopper online with the help of a few of your favourite memes.


SCOTT: Good evening. Tonight we present information for consumers about shopping online. And since you’re on the internet already, I’ll explain in a way you computer people can understand. Many business websites look professional and trustworthy, but online things aren’t always what they seem.

OLD SPICE GUY: Look down, back up. Where are you? You’re on a boat.

SCOTT: When you buy something online …

OLD SPICE GUY: It’s two tickets to that thing you love. Look again…

SCOTT: …remember if things go sour, you’ve still got consumer rights.

OLD SPICE GUY: I’m on a horse.

SCOTT: Keep an eye out for sites that are suspicious, unprofessional or make unrealistic promises. You don’t want a nasty surprise. There are protections for online shoppers. Businesses that supply to Australian consumers must comply with the Australian Consumer Law. That means if something goes wrong…


SCOTT:… you have the right to a …repair, replacement or refund.

TALKING DOG: You’re kidding me?

SCOTT: But you may struggle to get a resolution if you get into hot water online - especially if the seller is overseas and you need to take action. Shopping over the web is less likely to end in tears….

BRITNEY GUY: Leave Britney alone!

SCOTT: … if you know what your rights are online.

BRITNEY GUY: You deal with me!

Scott: Ask yourself... are you confident the product will be of acceptable quality?

GIRL’S MUM: What is it?

GIRL: An old banana.

GIRL’S MUM: An old Banana? Isn’t that exciting?


SCOTT: ... and that you’ll get adequate customer service…

BABY ON PHONE: Yayayaya.

SCOTT: …both before…

KID: Ouch Charlie, ahhhhh!

SCOTT: … and after you buy?

KID: Charlie! That really hurt!

SCOTT: Also, think about how difficult it will it be to return the item if something unexpected happens…


SCOTT: … or the product

RICK ASTLEY: Never gonna give you up

SCOTT: … isn’t as described. And if you do decide to shop online…

OK GO: Here it goes…

SCOTT: Make sure you tread carefully.

MONTHOMERIE GUY: Come shop with us…

SCOTT: Does the seller display credible contact details?


SCOTT: If you look for contact details and…

DAVID: … can’t see anything…

SCOTT: … be wary.

SCOTT: Take a closer look at the refunds and returns policy. Some businesses say…

CAT: No no no no no no no.

SCOTT: But other online retailers…


SCOTT: …happily offer reasonable terms. A bit of research can prevent you going round in circles.

LONELY ISLAND: I’m a boat.

SCOTT: Check the sellers shipping, delivery and insurance charges, so you aren’t hit with any hidden costs.

DOUBLE RAINBOW GUY: Double rainbow, oh my god.

SCOTT: Check reviews from other buyers to see if they’re…


SCOTT: …satisfied or... Remember some online reviews aren’t the real thing so check a few different sites.

GIRL IN VIDEO UPSOT: Ohh, you're so smart.

SCOTT: And finally, if you do use your credit card online

GANDALF: Keep it secret, keep it safe.

SCOTT: If the payment options seem unusual investigate further before you proceed.

PSY: Oppan Gangnam style

SCOTT: There’s more infomation about shopping safely online and your consumer rights at Taking simple precautions for online shopping will give you a better of chance of being …

SUSAN BOYLE: I dreamed a dream in time gone by….

SCOTT: … pleasantly surprised…

PUMP GUY: Living for the gas!

SCOTT: … happy with your purchase and… that. I really don’t understand the internet. Good luck shoppers.