Published: 22 October 2014

Summary: Signed up to a direct debit contact? Know what you’re signing up for and how much it’s going to cost you in total.



VOICEOVER: Direct debits are amounts that come out of your bank account, wages or Centrelink payments automatically at regular periods.



# The old way's gone away... #

DORIS: Oh, hello, bub.

MICK: Hey, Aunty Doris. Bad news. I can't make it up to you mob this weekend.

DORIS; Oh, but, Mick, I'm looking forward to it. Everyone here is so excited.

MICK: Yeah, I know. But I haven't got the money for the ticket. It was in my bank yesterday, it's gone today. I don't know what happened.

DORIS: I bet it's them footy magazines that you signed up for the last time you was here. You remember? Them mob take money out of your account automatically.

DORIS: What you doing in there, Mick?

MICK: I'm signing up to get some footy magazines. It's only $25 and they send the latest ones each month.

DORIS: Well, that don't sound right. Them mob probably take $25 EVERY month. You want to check it properly, boy.

MICK: Aunty, don't worry. I know what I'm doing.

YOUNG WOMAN: You could be entering a contract by signing a document or clicking on an 'I accept' button on a web page.

MICK: I can't afford this.

YOUNG WOMAN: Know how long the contract is for and how much it'll cost you in total. Keep copies of all your contracts in a safe place and know how to cancel them.

MICK: Hello. I'd like to cancel my subscription.

YOUNG WOMAN: Ask someone you trust or your local legal service if you're unsure about the terms and conditions of a contract. And, if you think you have been wrongly charged or misled, make a complaint to the ACCC.