International forums & groups

We participate in many international forums and groups on the subjects of competition, consumer protection, product safety and regulation.


International Competition Network

The ICN provides an informal venue for competition authorities to address practical concerns and participate in working groups. Membership is voluntary and open to national or multinational competition agencies.

We participate in the following ICN working groups:

  • Cartel Working Group
  • Merger Working Group
  • Unilateral Conduct Working Group (The ACCC is a co-chair)
  • Agency Effectiveness Working Group
  • Advocacy Working Group.

The ACCC is also a member of the ICN Steering Group and is the ICN’s Horizontal Coordinator.

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

The ACCC participates in a number of OECD committees and related working groups, including the OECD Competition Committee.

The OECD Competition Committee is an international forum for discussions on competition policy issues.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

APEC works to facilitate economic growth, cooperation, trade, and investment in the region.

Seoul Competition Forum

The Seoul International Competition Forum is a venue for chief officials of international competition agencies to share their views on diverse and most recent issues in competition laws & policies.

Competitive Neutrality: Discussion Paper for 8th Seoul Competition Forum - Mark Pearson - September 2014 ( PDF 141.46 KB | DOCX 49.93 KB )

Consumer protection

International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network

ICPEN is an informal network established to encourage international cooperation among agencies, and the sharing of information about cross border commercial activities that may affect consumer interests.

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

The ACCC participation in the OECD’s consumer protection work is through its membership on related working groups. The ACCC is the current lead of the Product Safety Working Group.

Visit the ACCC's other websites for more information on Australia's product safety and product safety recalls.


East Asia and Pacific Infrastructure Regulatory Forum

EAPIRF works to enhance regulatory decision making in the region through the exchange of information and experience in infrastructure regulation, and through the promotion of training programs.

Asia-Pacific development and capacity building

Along with other regulators in the region, the ACCC works with the ASEAN Expert Group on Competition, APEC and OECD Korea Competition Policy Centre to build the Asia-Pacific region’s capability to implement effective competition regulation.

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