Digital platforms inquiry

Forums15 May 2018

The ACCC is hosting public forums in May and August to discuss the impacts of digital platforms for consumers, advertisers (including small businesses), journalists and media organisations. These platforms include search engines (e.g. Google), social media (e.g. Facebook) and content aggregators (e.g. Apple News).   

Consumer forum

The consumer forum will take place in Melbourne on Tuesday 29 May from 6–8pm and is open to members of the public to come share their experiences about using digital platforms.

Specifically, the ACCC is keen to hear about:

  • digital platforms used by consumers and whether they feel they have choice in terms of the platforms available, particularly with respect to search and social media
  • use of digital platforms to access news content, including the impact of news personalisation and curation on the range of views and opinions available to consumers
  • business models that support news production and the willingness of consumers to pay for news content versus ‘free’ (advertising-funded) news content
  • terms and conditions and privacy policies used by digital platforms and the extent to which consumers read and understand these terms and policies
  • understanding of the types of personal data that digital platforms collect and how this information is used.

Advertiser forum

The advertiser forum will take place in Melbourne on Wednesday 30 May from 6–8pm. Businesses, including small businesses, that advertise on digital platforms are invited to share their experiences with the ACCC.    

Specifically, the ACCC is keen to hear about:

  • digital advertising in Australia including what are the ‘must have’ platforms and why these platforms are used
  • advertising terms and conditions including the terms and conditions used in contracts and how the cost of digital advertising has changed
  • advertising impacts including how advertising on digital platforms is measured and if digital platform advertising represents value for money

  • technology issues including how the digital advertising supply chain works and the effectiveness of competition.

Register to attend

You can register to attend the consumer or advertiser forums at Digital platform inquiry forums.  

Registered parties will receive an information pack from the ACCC with further event details, information about the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry, and the types of information it is  seeking from each event.

Have your say online

If you’re unable to attend the consumer forum or advertiser forum in person, but would still like to share your experiences about using digital platforms, you can do so at Digital platform inquiry forums.

The online form will allow you to provide your views on the key questions that will be discussed at each forum.

Journalist forum

A forum for journalists will be held in August. Further details about this event will be announced on this page.


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