Australian Poultry Industry Assoc. CTM 2012

The Australian Poultry Industry Association (APIA) has withdrawn its certified trade mark (CTM) application and as a result, the ACCC’s consideration of this application has ceased.


The Australian Poultry Industries Association, on behalf of:

  • Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd
  • Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd
  • Turi Foods Pty Ltd
  • Cordina Chicken Farms Pty Ltd
  • Golden Cockerel Pty Ltd
  • Hazeldene’s Chicken Farm Pty Ltd and
  • Red Lea Chickens Pty Ltd

has advised the ACCC that it has written to IP Australia withdrawing its application for Certification Trade Mark No 1435347 concerning free range chicken meat.

APIA advised that the applicants’ decision to withdraw the CTM application is based on the fact that the Federal and State Governments decided recently to bring forward the development of new animal welfare standards for the industry.

New Poultry Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines to replace the existing code of conduct are now scheduled to be developed next year.

APIA advised that this is part of the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy and will involve governments, animal welfare organisations, industry and the general public. APIA and its members will consider reapplying for a CTM once the new standards are finalised.

Further information

APIA’s application proposed a number of standards covering farm practices and related activities:

  • housing
  • stocking density
  • feed production
  • the slaughtering process
  • transport and traceability

required to be implemented for chicken and turkey meat to be allowed to be sold as APIA Free Range Accredited.


ACCC consultation letter APIA CTM application ( PDF 121.04 KB | DOC 205.73 KB )

APIA - Free range certification program - Rules and Standards ( PDF 175.33 KB )

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Certification trade marks